Introducing WordPress for webOS

WordPress for webOS is now available as a download for the HP TouchPad. Support for more webOS 3.0 devices are expected in the not-so-distant future. However as put by,  it may seem surprising that WordPress didn’t focus its efforts on developing a full visual editor for more popular platforms such as iOS or Android first, but as David Frahm points out, a key difference between iOS, Android, and webOS is that HP’s mobile platform is based on web standards, and that’s something the folks at WordPress are very familiar with.

WordPress for webOS is the first official WordPress app to have a full featured WYSIWYG post editor. The app has been translated to all languages available on the TouchPad (Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.). It uses a “Sliding Panels” interface, which takes full advantage of the larger screen of the TouchPad and makes for fast and easy blog management on the go.

Check out the video here to learn more!

You can manage posts and pages, as well as add new ones. Moderation is built right in, and you can even reply directly to comments. If a comment comes in and you’re working on something else with your TouchPad at the time, you’ll get notified about it. Peruse the Stats panel for in-depth information on what your visitors like the most about your site.

Another neat thing about this app is its use of “Cards”. This is a webOS invention that lets you stack screens belonging to the WordPress app in a single pile, making it very easy to, for instance, write a post while keeping the main window open. In fact, if you tap an email address in a comment, a compose email card will be stacked together with those of the app.

Learn more about WordPress for webOS at and follow @WPwebOS on Twitter for the latest news!

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