Migrating from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Transitioning from WordPress.com to WordPress.org involves several steps, but the most important move to make a WordPress.org installation to maintain the look and functionality of an older WordPress.com site comes via plugins.

WordPress.com includes some built-in features that aren’t included in a standard WordPress.org installation, and you must recreate them by installing a series of plug-ins such as:

  • WordPress.com Stats — This will give you the same kind of stats on WordPress.org that are available to WordPress.com users.
  • VideoPress — If you have ever paid for the VideoPress video upgrade, this plugin will bring the same functionality (and access to your VideoPress videos) to WordPress.org.
  • Wickett Twitter Widget — This is the same widget WordPess.com uses to display tweets in the sidebar of a blog.
  • Grunion Contact Form — This plugin was used as the basis of the new Contact Form feature in WordPress.com.
  • PollDaddy — This plugin will enable any polls created in WordPress.com.

There’s much more to the transition. Christina Warren from Mashable has written a very useful article that you can read here:

She also walks through the process of migrating a blog on WordPress.com to WordPress.org on a video that you can view here:

And of course, WordPress.com also has an article explaining how to migrate a Blog  that you can read here:


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